Mystic Messenger Guide – Everything You Want to know

Mystic Messenger could be your brand new dating simulator program you will be sure to delight in. This is what you want to understand relating to any of it wonderful program. Meet up with the characters and also experience a”reallife” for example relationship situation together with it.

A whole lot of anime and also otome buffs are definitely going ga ga within this particular video game. More-so, to eliminate your fascination, we will provide you with all of the items that you need to find out about any of it enjoyable program.

What’s Mystic Messenger?

Mystic Messenger Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Mystic Messenger can be really a Korean otome relationship simulator program. Otome in Western signifies maiden. Thus an otome match is designed for females viewers which chiefly entails amorous plots together with literary characters. In other words, Mystic Messenger permits feminine players to really own a literary relationship having a set of female characters.

This program permits the gamer to own a digital smart-phone at which 7 fictional characters may convey together with you by way of Mystic-Messenger-emails such as within an reallife circumstance. Properly, that appears magnificent. The item these characters may also call you get through the program.

Exactly what causes this match out standing is the way each personality acts differently involving the participant picks. Therefore that it’s similar to a certain path is allocated when you are in to those sorts of men who are directly ahead. Nevertheless, the match does not will possess a nice finish like in real life ?


The match starts using a conversation in the unknown man requesting one to visit get this done. Once you input an apartment, then you are going to subsequently be comprised at a charity company called RFA (Rika’s fund-raising affiliation ). This company contains just seven associates that are typical potential love interest to your own personality.

That Character Are You Really?

  • Hyun Ryu”Zen” is just one of those very first characters you may match from the relaxed tale of this match. He is a little bit of the budding celebrity and also a little more educated towards the personality of this ball player. But be confident he is a wonderful man who enjoys carrying selfies.
  • Yoosung, together side Zen, is just one of those initial guys you may meet up with in relaxed tale. He is a exact lighthearted man who adores taking part in LoL a good deal.
  • Jae Hee Kang could be the sole female persona readily available from the story. She’s that the Principle Secretary into Jumin Han Who’s the proprietor of C & R Global.
  • Jumin Han, since we have said, may be whoever owns an organization who’s too preoccupied by his own kitty termed Elizabeth III. He is always hectic with a little remote to ladies due to his lousy belief together with them.
  • Sae-Young Choi”707″, often known as as two, is now your joyful go lucky hacker from the category. He has consistently making use of different characters notably Yoosung.
  • Rika is now a stunning lady woman with a high ranking in Mint Eye business, she is, in addition, the creator of RFA company, that has been said to become dead whilst the match starts off.
    • She had been also a fiance to V and has been allegedly expired of suicide but her figure wasn’t observed. Regrettably, together side all the rumors of her passing, no body has ever seen Rika’s suicide.
  • Jihyun Kim”V” has become easily the most cryptic and closed-off personality who’s merely for sale from the Deep narrative which makes his personality interesting. He has a fiance into Rika and that which happened among them shows a great deal of secrets and techniques.

Video game Circulation

The match stream of Mystic Messenger is unquestionably inconsistent, so the path will undoubtedly soon be solely predicated how you react to just about every personality. Whenever you keep in touch with your personality will direct one to various endings and paths. Participants are invited to not optimize your well being, since this can limit one to additional characters and so, you are going to involve any missed chat-room.

Meanwhile, even in the event that you’re still curious to grab on such chat-rooms which you’ve missed, then you may just unlock it by investing in together with your real-money or simply by continuously playing with the match. What’s more, game enthusiasts just like you have to expect you’ll obtain texting and calls out of all their Rika’s fund-raising Association or even RFA members. Some forecasts you are going to get out of your characters are if they are feeling angry, drunk or they would just like to joke about with you personally.

All these phone calls and texting out of your RFA members that are drunk, angry or feeling ridiculous are now and again creating seconds together with the personality you’re using. Moreover interesting for the particular dating program is it has the complete voice acting which produces the ball player just like you truly feel as though you’re talking about a true individual.

Mystic Messenger’s program works using android mobiles and i-OS, and from the time its launch, avid gamers demonstrate their attention in keep on playing with the dating program. For everybody else’s perusal, it supports English and Korean language.

Testimonies / Plot

You can find 3 stories a new player could pick from. They can be:

  • Casual Story could be your style of this match where it’s possible to get in contact Zen, Yoosung, along with Jae Hee Kang additional usually.
  • Still another tale is just another manner from the match which unlocks V’s course and Saeran’s.
  • Deep tale is just another manner from the match which will require eighty hourglasses to unlock. Unlike both of the other manners, it’s thicker satellites. This manner gives you the ability to come across Jumin Han along with 707.

Popularity and Awards

Considering that the launch of its English variant, it immediately gained fame. Cheritz, the founder of Mystic Messenger, did an exact brilliant role in placing much hard work to each personality. This program has seen a border by generating text dialog very funny and casual like talking privately.

About November 17, 20 17, Mystic Messenger includes 2.5 million downloads also ranked because the”best 4 game titles” on Tumblr past 20-16. Additionally, Cheritz won the Overall Game of the Calendar Year, Greatest Wrestling Game at Korea Video Game Awards. It caught the interest of this united kingdom established news stage, ” the Guardian as a result of the fast approach into popularity.

More over, Cheritz is ample enough to contribute £ 100,000 in gains to about three worldwide charities including Save the Children, life-line Korea, and also the Korea Sexual Violence Relief heart.

Charitz contributed a number of the program’s proceeds to conserve Your kids charity to send women to faculty from Africa and begun several assignments to aid feminine teachers enjoy supplying postsecondary instruction and construction dormitories.


Everybody else from all walks of daily life could enjoy pleasure enjoying Mystic Messenger as it’s certified fun, rather unexpected. This program is also great to even introverts who can’t say themselves just through uncomplicated communicating with others.It will surely draw about the imagination from you personally, since you may match 7 characters using various person as.

Testing out Mystic Messenger will not Damage. But permit us to remind one it could possibly acquire ignored. Thus decide to try it at a wholesome manner. To amp gaming expertise, an individual ought to be grown sufficient to distinguish the very facts and also the fiction universe you’ve got within the program.

The moment you started off playing with this particular dating program, you’ll at no time need to get together forever . It is going to even help keep you corporation on these nights whenever you truly feel lonely. Zen, Yoosung, Jae Hee, Jumin, Sae-Young, Rika and V are waiting for you!


What’s your Mystic Messenger?

Mystic Messenger can be a romantic story-telling game in the South Korea, also a mobile-based Otome video-game made by Cheritz, also it’s female-oriented. It’s Offered in Korea, English, and Spanish.

The Way Mystic-Messenger functions

The match carries more than 1 2 times; throughout nowadays, you answer distinct messages using unique characters. The very first 4 days would be precisely the exact same, nevertheless the match divides into various paths with just about every course moving after having a love attraction. Over the day, just about every course contributes to numerous endings, and which is; undesirable end (a neglect ), an ordinary ending, and also a fantastic ending.

The very initial times of this match are all interesting since you answer to messages onto your own mobile phone. About the flip side, disregard the people which you cannot solution. You roll up together with what’s from this match. Nevertheless, be certain that you concentrate to a personality which interests you and also don’t forget to grab their awareness daily . In the event you neglect to do this, then regrettably you conclude using a terrible ending.

The best way To Perform Mystic Messenger

The match features 6playable characters: Zen, Yoosung, Jae Hee, Jumin, 707, as well as even V. After you start the match, deep narrative and another narrative lock upward. Now you may initially play defensively, afterward Yoosungand last but not least Jae Hee turn into deep narrative just before you may participate 707, which slowly and gradually guides you throughout the entire love narrative.

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